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Name:the ash
Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:North Carolina, United States of America

(♛) about me.

✕ Ashley, lv. 28, ♀ ; gaming, webdesign, music, books and so many more things. Slave to fandom and immersing herself in it on tumblr.
✕ Misc Fandoms: Star Trek . Star Wars . Mad Max . Final Fantasy . Fallout . Harry Potter . Supernatural . Teen Wolf . The Walking Dead . Marvel . DC . Square Enix . Bethesda . Elder Scrolls . MapleStory . Doctor Who . an almost literal infinite number of other things, it's really safer to assume that I like something than to assume I don't.
✕ Please add me if we have anything in common. I really miss LJ being active and having active fandom friends on LJ. :(

"Ichigo, I hate the rain.
Rain falls in this world, too.
When your heart is in chaos, this sky becomes clouded.
When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easily."

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Interests (150):

12 stones, 80s cartoons, accents, ai no kusabi, anatomy and physiology, angel's feather, animals, anime, anne rice, ashe, babies, baby ducks, baptize me, bishounen, black revolver, bodies of water, boku no pico, boys, boysonboys on film, bronze, bubbles, calem cross, cheddar jack cheez-its, chinese food, chocolate, classic books, colors, crayola, dean koontz, dogs, doodling, earrings, eating, eclipse, emails, enzai, family, fanfiction, ff10, ff10-2, ff12, ff7, ff8, ff9, friends, gakuen heaven, gaming, gay boy kisses, geico commercials, god, gravitation, hand sanitizer, harry potter, haru wo daiteita, homestar runner, hopscotch, hot baths, ikoku irokoi romantan, impossible pairings, inumimi, jack meadowcroft, jack spicer, japanese, jin, john mayer, kickball, kirepapa, kittens, kizuna, kycha, kyla london, laughing, level c, libraries, locke, loveless, male inumimi, markers, massages, medicine, mildmay, mirage of blaze, movies, music, naruto, neurologic conditions, new moon, okane ga nai, orange juice, papa to kiss, pens and paper, philosophy, photographs, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playstation, pretty boys, princess princess, puppies, quileute, rapidly mutating viruses, reading, scissors, seikimatsu darling, semes, sensitive pornograph, shoes, shounen ai, slash, sleeping, smiling, smosh, sprinklers, stuff, subtext, sukisho, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine, sylar, tea, technology, the chronicles of narnia, the cullens, the exies, the geico gecko, the good earth, the inheritance trilogy, the internet, the past, the twilight series, twilight, ukes, unicorns and rainbows, using my imagination, vampires, vg cats, wasting time, water, webdesign, weird pairings, werewolves, writing, yami no matsuei, yaoi, youtube, zetsuai, , ,
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